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Ep. 108: River Castelonia – How a Second Chance Led to Chasing His Dreams

River Castelonia currently studies mechanical engineering at Manhattan College, specializing in solid modeling and mechanical design. After working on Nobel Prize-winning research at Brookhaven National Laboratory, he began his undergr

Ep. 107: Joe Pardo – Checking Back In a Year and a Half Later

Today we’re checking back in with Joe Pardo, my guest way back on Episode 25. He’s a NJ-based dreamer and has always believed that society starts with You, and that to change society, you must first change how you think. In early


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Film Friday: Wonder Woman

If I'm going to be truthful, I have to admit: I am a bit tired of superhero movies. Not to say I don't enjoy all of them, sometimes watching a superhero movie brings everyone together for a

Film Friday: Dangal

The combination of a biographical film with a sports drama is sure to elicit a moving film, as is most certainly the case with Dangal, our Film Friday selection for this week. Dangal has bec