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Ep. 60: Erik Newton – Being the Happiest You’ve Ever Been After Climbing Back from Rock Bottom Twice

As a former family law attorney, Erik describes himself as someone who’s “been through a thousand divorces and still believes in love.” Ushering couples through divorce wasn’t easy for Erik, a romantic from birth, but it turned

Ep. 59: Cornell Thomas – Turning Your “Why Me” into “What Now”

Cornell Thomas’ father was a police officer in the city of Passaic, New Jersey. Officer Bobby Thomas passed away when Cornell was only four years old, leaving his mother to raise him and his four siblings by herself. The strength and


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Every step, no matter how small, matters
Every Step, No Matter How Small, Matters

When you have a dream there are a number of obstacles, which can intimidate you from making progress on your journey. The length of the journey may be too daunting, the next obstacle on y