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Ep. 84: Jennifer Nappier – Work Hard, Enjoy Your Work, and Be the Best at What You Do

Jennifer Nappier entered the University of Maryland Baltimore County as a pre-med biology major, but she changed her path and graduated from law school eight years later. January 2017 marks her tenth year as part of the Maryland Bar As

Ep. 83: Cheryl Tan – Listen to Your Gut and Be Willing to Pivot

Cheryl Tan knows the power of stories in connecting people. She’s been a broadcast journalist in GA and VA, with 20+ years in the TV news business. After blending her talents with her entrepreneurial drive, she now shares interviewin


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Film Friday: The Blind Side

Something about a movie being based on a true story sets it apart from everything else. We, the audience, hold the film in higher esteem. We pay more attention to it. Our opinion of the film

Film Friday: Brooklyn

One of my favorite films from 2015 was Brooklyn. I seriously love this movie, to the point where I've watched it multiple times without getting tired of it. I think maybe the reason I like B