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Ep. 112: Staci Greenberg – Designing Your Own Dream on Your Own Terms

Staci Greenberg is host of The Inside Outlook podcast. As an interior designer, Staci has spent many years speaking with the various trades and people associated with building renovations and new construction. She has talked to everyon

Ep. 111: Jenn Swanson – Adapting Your Dream Throughout Your Life

“Communication Diva” is the tongue-in-cheek, sassy title of podcaster and author (and church minister) Jenn Swanson. Jenn doesn’t actually believe anyone can be a diva of communication but does passionately insist that we could


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Film Friday: Wonder Woman

If I'm going to be truthful, I have to admit: I am a bit tired of superhero movies. Not to say I don't enjoy all of them, sometimes watching a superhero movie brings everyone together for a

Film Friday: Dangal

The combination of a biographical film with a sports drama is sure to elicit a moving film, as is most certainly the case with Dangal, our Film Friday selection for this week. Dangal has bec