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My life has gotten very busy as of late and so this anniversary snuck up on me and did not leave me a lot of time to truly plan. What you see here and on social media throughout the 21st is something that came together because of the shared belief in chasing dreams.

It's been 365 days, and here we are. Time flies when you’re having fun, and it doesn’t matter if that statement is a cliché, because it's true. Over the summer, I attended a conference called Podcast Movement, which highlighted a theme about the importance of story and the impact it can have on the lives of others. And after 59 amazing episodes, and over 16,000 downloads, I can happily say that Chasing Dreams is making an impact on the lives of people listening to the show from around the world.

The story of Chasing Dreams has just begun and I’m excited for where it can go.

I.  To commemorate a year in existence, I'm kicking off our very first hashtag campaign, which is where you come in. Take a picture of yourself in the midst of chasing your dream, holding one of the Chasing Dreams signs, or holding your own sign to inspire others to chase their dreams. Post the picture to either Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #mydreamchase. Throughout the day check out the hashtag wall over at chasingdreamsHQ.com/mydreamchase and see what people are posting all in one place.

II. Additionally, I'm holding my very first Facebook Live event which will take place on Sept. 21 at 7pm EST. I would love to interact with other dream chasers, take your questions, share your stories, and have some fun with this. Of course, I can’t be there by myself so be there or be square! If you miss out, I'm going to see if I can include the recording below for your viewing pleasure.

III. However, amongst all the “celebrating,” I don’t want you to forget that a new episode was released today. It features my friend for life, Mr. Cornell Thomas. This is an episode I have told several people in my circle they should listen to and I would say the same for you if you’ve ever asked yourself, “why me?”

IV. And last but far from least, a thank you gift for you. The mission of Chasing Dreams is to motivate, educate, and activate dream chasers. This part of the celebratory activities is intended to help activate you to chase your dreams. I reached out to different businesses with services and/or products that I use in my own personal dream chase and asked if they could extend a special offer to other dream chasers in order to help them chase their own dreams. You'll find their special offer below. I'd like to thank each of them for their kindness and immediate response to my request. If an offer has an expiration it is stated, so don't delay.  

TLDR: Celebration Plans:

  1. Share your dream chase using #myDreamChase on Twitter & Instagram and see it on the #myDreamChase wall.
  2. For the first time ever, Aimee J. is going on Facebook Live at 7pm EST. Check back here for the recording if you miss it live.
  3. Be sure to check out any and all of the 59 podcast episodes. Today's episode features Cornell Thomas.
  4. Some friends of Chasing Dreams are extending special offers to help you chase your dreams.


Thank you

Special Offers from Friends of Chasing Dreams:

When I made the decision to do something to celebrate the anniversary of the podcast, I knew that I wanted some component to be helpful to other dream chasers and listeners of the show. So I reached out to the different services and products I use in my own dream chase and asked if they could do anything for others who are chasing dreams. More than a few said yes and below are the special offers and discounts they have provided in honor of the anniversary. If you see a (*) that indicates an affiliate relationship. To learn more about my affiliate disclaimer, please visit the affiliate disclaimer page. To be clear though, I have personally used and still use the below services and products and highly recommend each of them.

Webgrity – Webgrity and I go way back when they were designing logos for me. After a number of projects together, I knew I could trust them with the redesign of my websites. Today's design was put together by the awesome folks at Webgrity.

“On this auspicious occasion, Webgrity would like to offer you free homepage designs. In this offer, once you share with us the design requirement, we get back to you with 3 homepage designs with unlimited revisions on the selected design. If you are happy with the designs and will like to discuss regarding further development of the website, we will give you a quote. Moreover, even if you do not want to proceed further you will have full copyright of the homepage design. For more information, please contact Vikash Agarwal at vikash@webgrity.com and let them know you are interested in the dream chaser deal. There is no expiration on this deal at this time, but don’t wait. Your dreams are waiting!!”

Podcast Fast Track – PFT is responsible for the show notes you see for each podcast episode and they do an an amazing job.

Take 15% discount on the first 3 months of service for any of our subscription services (audio production or show notes).

WiseStamp – If you've ever received and email from me, the signature is courtesy of WiseStamp. A huge help when trying to establish a connection with a receiver.

Take 20% off discount on their first year using the following link: bit.ly/chasingwisestamp. Not sure if WiseStamp is for you? They have a 30-day money back guarantee. What do you have to lose? 

Pretty Link Pro* – All the show links mentioned in the podcast episode is thanks to Pretty Link Pro. First thing I have to have for any new website I put together.

Take 15% off coupon for either edition (Blogger or Developer) you valid until Oct 31st 2016. Use coupon code 15DREAMS

Simple Press Family* – Podcast player of choice for Chasing Dreams!

Take 25% off Simple Podcast Press and Simple Social Press (FB Live plugin).  Use discount code: DREAM25

Other Friends of Chasing Dreams

Here are some other services/products which I use in my dream chase and who are friends of the show.

  • Site Ground – Chasing Dreams is hosted with Site Ground and I have had a great experience.
  • Pro Podcast Solutions – Friends from the beginning, Darrell and his team have helped Chasing Dreams in and out over the last year plus.
  • Schedule Once – The easiest way for me to schedule interviews.
  • Tech Smith – Camtasia is awesome and I use Snagit all the time.